Over the course of the past 9 years, Phoenix has continued to provide outstanding support going above and beyond all contract requirements as well as helping on a number of other projects for consulting support. Phoenix Consultants Group has had more than enough expertise to resolve any user needs as well as technical difficulties concerning our products. When concerns have arisen, the firm delivered a responsive solution to our needs.

Pete Clark
Delaware Department of Agriculture - IT Division

What Our Clients Say

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Phoenix Consultants Group would be an enormous asset to any company who needs qualified analysts and programmers. Their unique methods and solutions to corporate and governmental requirements allow them to solve even the most complex problems. PCG has proven beyond a doubt that they can take ownership of a project from the design stage up and through the completion phase.
Posted By: Tom Rankin
New Jersey
Phoenix Consultants has designed a complex reporting database on our behalf. The database required extensive programming that allows us to pull data from multiple sources, download it into once central place and then run the reports as needed. The level of service and knowledge provided by PCG has been outstanding. Throughout ever step of this development process, PCG has offered direction and insight to developing the most useful too. Today, thanks to Phoenix, we have a database that can be easily accessed through the web or through internal server by our staff.
Posted By: Sharon McWilliams
Customer Service Mgr., Palo Alto, CA
Allison is able to communicate with our onsite skilled computer professionals and the lesser skilled associates with ease. Her talent has benefited our entire organization and has contributed to success of the program. I highly recommend Allison..
Posted By: Bil Balicki
Exxon Chemical Company - Paramins, New Jersey
Phoenix Consultants Group is a highly regarded versatile team player who is continually cooperative and reliable.
Posted By: Carol Baus

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