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 Industry:   Oil Manufacturing      Language:   Visual Basic for Applications       Database:   Microsoft Access     Application Type:   Document Tracking System 

 Project Decription:  

Phoe nix Consultants Group accomplished the design and development of a group of multi-user regulatory compliance databases, as well as the ISO 9000 document management and control system for over 50,000 records and transactions, occurring among 25 remote users.

These databases housed all the information required for the chemical recipes utilized in making fuel additives. Housing approximately 50 variable and changing recipes, documentation of handling procedures for the liquids included manufacturing techniques, appropriate fluid hazard compliance and regulatory policy monitoring had to be up to date, Full review cycle status functionality was integrated for direct access by supervisory and mangement personnel.

PCG devised a document revision monitoring process, involving the tracking of up to 50,000 technical, scientific, regulatory, and report docments through their passage from editor to supervisor and then distribution to various department heads. Ultimately, the documents completed the cycle at the manager's desk, evaluated for scanning into the "document scanning capture syster" and archived.

Included in the time, location, and point-of-review tracking, the database followed any and all revisions made to the document during its review, along with annotations on document status and utilization.


Project Components: 

  • Business Requirements
  • Functional Requirements
  • Technical Specification
  • Scope Analysis
  • Design Model
  • Data Conversion
  • Implementation
  • Integration Testing
  • Training
  • Help System

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