Industry:   Nuclear Energy      Language:   Paradox 3.5       Database:   Paradox 3.5     Application Type:   Data Collection and Analysis 

 Project Decription:  

This client, a leading electrical power generation and supply corporation delivers their electrical power to millions of companies and families on a daily basis. As a leader in the Nuclear Power industry, our client is dedicated to the use and support of safe and effective nuclear power. While preparing to perform preventative maintenance on one of their nuclear reactors, the client called Phoenix Consultants Group, asking us to develop a statistical analysis database to track the various groups required for reactor maintenance tasks.

PCG took considerable pride in rapidly analyzing and developing the required parameters and integration to bring preventative maintenance data into comprehensible reporting perspectives. Using our specialized data transfer and conversion applications, supervisory management delivered expedited project milestone reports to senior level management, accelerating the project completion by several days. The accelerated schedule permitted the reactors to go "on line" that much sooner, providing power to their clients.


Project Components: 

  • Design Model
  • Implementation