Industry:   Information Technologies      Language:   Visual Basic for Applications       Database:   Microsoft Access     Application Type:   Product Quotation System 

 Project Decription:  

An industrial-strength data technology sales corporation, this client markets millions of dollars in networking equipment nationwide. To provide up-to-date quotation ability for its distributed sales force, this client created a Microsoft Access Database to provide accurate, real-time market pricing for quote development by their sales representatives, and subsequent presentation to their potential clients. Phoenix Consultants Group established this client's Online Quotation Management System, enabling the sales representatives to quickly develop their accurate, state-of-the-market quote in order to make the sale. Now operating in all of the 50 states, corporate sales reps consistantly and constantly have access to the most up-to-date information, working on a robust system platform, making available the best possible pricing resources to "close the sale".

Written in HTML and ASP, this unique application utilizes a secure, custom web browser interface with durable functionality for each representative. Additional reporting capabilities for the system administrator are synchronized with the client's real-time pricing database, enabling quality quotations at all times, with minimal development costs


Project Components: 

  • Functional Requirements
  • Technical Specification
  • Scope Analysis
  • Design Model
  • Data Conversion
  • Implementation
  • Integration Testing
  • Training