Industry:   Financial/Banking      Language:   Visual Basic for Applications       Database:   Microsoft Access/Excel     Application Type:   Financial Forecasting & Management 

 Project Decription:  

This firm is a large company, with fiduciary responsibilities managing their clients investment portfolios. Phoenix Consultants Group wrote several new components to integrate into their accounting and stock monitoring software. Our applications Interfaced with their proprietary Active-x controls to do stop/loss tickets and real-time monitoring of major stocks. This integration provided this client with the ability to monitor multiple portfolios and portfolio managers simultaneously, and led to improved stop/loss integration from multiple sources into a single sales strategy, reducing accounting costs and improving investment gains. This company also had a database written to enhance their stock analysis reporting. Over the course of four months, PCG wrote six different Excel programs, which all integrated successfully for this client.


Project Components: 

  • Scope Analysis
  • Design Model
  • Data Conversion
  • Implementation
  • Integration Testing