Industry:   Information Technologies      Language:   Visual Basic       Database:   Microsoft SQL Server     Application Type:   Publication Management and Creation System 

 Project Decription:  

The combined corporate entity is a CD-ROM and Data Warehouse supplying concrete information in dictionary-style volumes, as well as CD-ROM production of important technical and industrial research information. Providing Y2K compliance integration required for the administration and production of five major book sets generating over 70% of revenue generation provided Phoenix Consultants Group with a means to show their mettle. PCG designed a single interface to dynamically generate forms and administrative processes for all 5 books.

Our product included a Y2K deadline Book Management Application, which managed five large publications (2.5 million records total) with a single user interface in a 3 Tier Architecture model. We integrated Enterprise servers, VB6, SQL Server 7.0 and Oracle utilizing ADO 2.0/2.1 to manage and supervise the eleven onsite and two off-site international developers, analysts and testing managers. We developed analysis, design, composition, and implementation models for user requirements documents, program specifications, management reports and project plans within this application. Extensive conversion of four database systems involving over 1,500 tables into two database structures was also required, and built into the system at minimal additional expense. Application specifications included data entry capability with multiple users at various US sites, Reports engine, Bulk Mailing engine, Security Engine, Forms Management Engine, and additional custom controls created, integrated, and tested to rigorous standards prior to the Y2K deadline

Phoenix was proud to be a part of a the Y2K success for these partners. Providing quality products with robust designs is what enables PCG to be a leader in today's marketplace.


Project Components: 

  • Business Requirements
  • Project Plan
  • Functional Requirements
  • Technical Specification
  • Scope Analysis
  • Design Model
  • Data Conversion
  • Implementation
  • Integration Testing
  • Training
  • Help System