Industry:   Non-Profit      Language:   HTML, ASP       Database:   Microsoft SQL Server     Application Type:   Historical Society 

 Project Decription:  

When the remaining citizens of The Last Ghost Town in the United States desired a central repository to allow their heritage to continue after almost all of the houses and residents were removed during the 1980's Arizona mining collapse, it was the Phoenix Consultants Group that developed their community website, and partnered with the remaining residents in their transition and reintroduction to old friends and old memories of a time left behind.

The website is designed around a SQL Server database that dynamically keeps track of articles, community forums, and various tasks at hand, including The General Store, a location for members to purchase and sell Last Ghost Town Memorabilia. PCG was delighted and proud of its contribution to this wonderful community of people.


Project Components: 

  • Design Model
  • Implementation