Financial Planning Initiative

 Industry:   Financial/Banking      Language:   N/A       Database:   SQL Server     Application Type:   Analysis for Security of Financial Planners 

 Project Decription:  

Phoenix Consultants Group was consulted to provide analysis and development plans for agent verification and sales authorizations for their agents responsible for the sales of their varied financial planning products. The Security and Exchange Commission's strict licensure validation and compliance regulations were integrated into the planning of the application, assuring corporate consumer clients of their agent's qualifications when purchasing any financial plan. PCG, working with additional development teams contributing to this multi-million dollar project, was the only team to deliver their Financial Planning Agent Credentialing component on-time and on-budget.

Phoenix developed their SQL Server, CORBA objects, and validation component, successfully designed to serve as the integration core for more than 150 different modules written by multiple development teams. With the goal to meet project deadlines, Phoenix Consultants Group delivered.


Project Components: 

  • Business Requirements
  • Project Plan
  • Functional Requirements
  • Technical Specification
  • Scope Analysis
  • Design Model

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