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The internet over the years has experienced tremendous changes. Not long ago, tags used to be the toast of the internet language. Today, the internet has evolved dramatically and one area that has been most affected is the area of web application development. The need for web applications has risen with many companies around the world wanting to transact businesses over secure networks. Businesses rely on web applications for different activities ranging from the transfer of funds to the update of price information through large scale web service network. Similar to most software development processes, application development is in 3 phases; user service, business service and data service. The user services, which involve basic HTML, complex COM components, ASP.NET web services and Java applets help consumers interact with the application while the user services involve the use of web scripting and server-side programming for the performance of complex actions by the user. The data services on the other hand stores, retrieves and updates information at a high level. Phoenix Consultant Group performs these services professionally and expertly.

To be able to develop an effective web application it is necessary to follow the right steps. There are steps associated with the development of web applications that should be adhered to so the process is logical and ultimately successful. For successful web application development, there is a need to have the right resources, technical skills and publishing capabilities, all of which Phoenix Consultant Group provides. The very first step that web application developers should complete is choosing the nature and direction of the project. To be able to come up with the best, there should be a clear road map detailing what the application is intended to achieve and any limitations involved. There should also be proper time schedules for the different phases of the project, as well as versioning of the application. Decisions at this level should be reached by both managers and developers of the web application. In fact, all stakeholders do well to be involved.

The next important step to take will be to come up with the right plan to implement the decisions taken. There should a time frame of events and clearly assigned roles at this stage. The features to be included and the most appropriate script language as well as the time frame should all be in place. Once all the details, in terms of planning, have been put in place, the web application development proper can now begin. The programming and web development can begin with testing, publishing and coding data. This step is important as it establishes data variables, entities and coding procedures that will be utilized throughout the remaining process. That is why you need professionals such as the Phoenix Consultant Group. Apart from all of this, we also do web portals and web services for data and content management in our web application development division.

Before a web application development project can be certified as functional it has to go through the process of testing, support and stability. This stage has to do with addressing all issues that can jeopardize the current and future functionality of the application. These may include network problems, bugs and other discrepancies. At this stage, a good support system is also established. This can be done by creating robust policies and procedures.

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