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As a technology firm, Phoenix Consultants Group looks deeply at any releases that could compromise computer systems or personal electronics.  The recent technical information provided by Wikileaks is astounding, to say the least, as to the unknown infiltration into technology that has been developed through many of these programs.  It is safe to say that there isn’t an electronic device in the world that isn’t being monitored/hacked or utilized by the US Govt. at this point.  Even encrypted applications like Signal, encrypted email and other applications have been circumvented and hacked.

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I recently was reminded through the movie Snowden of the critical need to cover your webcams.  Most people leave their cameras open and running on their computers, laptops and phones.  In today's world, this gives the perfect opening for a hacker or person who does not have your best interests at heart to see and hear what is going on in your life.  With the escalation of the cyber-war on the United States and abroad, it's best to use every precaution that you can to protect yourself where easy and reasonable to do so.

Today, covering your webcam / phone cam is as important as locking your car door and your house.  With the ability of virtually any nefarious person being able to find your cam and spy on you is easily done with hacker software today.

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CryptoLocker (Trojan:Win32/Crilock.A)

Original post by Fabian Wosar » Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:29 am


Hi everyone,
Looks like there has been a new crypto malware on the loose for the past 2 - 3 days. The malware is referred to by its author as "CryptoLocker". Microsoft adopted the name Crilock. Sample is attached. Here are a few notes that I gathered so far. I am currently sick with the flu so take this information with a grain of salt: Read more: CryptoLocker - Ransomware Virus Information
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For Immediate Release - URGENT PRESS RELEASE


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There is a new form of a virus going around called RANSOMWARE.  One of the Ransomware is being called CryptoLocker(Trojan: Win32/Crilock.A) among other names and comes in most cases through email as if you are receiving an INVOICE or a PAYMENT from UPS/FEDEX, from someone you know or a company you know. 

This type of virus specifically encrypts your local drive files and then puts half the encryption key in your computer in the registry, and the other half of the key is transmitted to a server that is offshore.  The malware then quickly encrypts files on your local drive(s) or shared drives/mapped drives.  THEN THE RANSOM IS DEMANDED!  Between $100 - $300 dollars is demanded that you remit OR a few weeks later, the files encryption key is destroyed.

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The complete software development process, or Software Development Life Cycle, is the process of creating or changing software systems and the methodologies that are used to achieve the changes.  In the world of software engineering, SDLC underlines various types of development methodologies. These methodologies combine together to form a skeleton of planning, control and execution, which is globally known as SDLC.

The Software Development Life Cycle

Software Requirement Analysis

In Software Requirement Analysis, also known as feasibility study, the development team visits the client site and studies the specific requirements of the business.  After completion of the analysis, a document is made with specific suggestions for the existing client system.  It is comprised of personnel assignments, project schedules, costs, targets, dates, etc.  This phase is very important in software life cycle development and helps to identify the core problems and proposed solutions.

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