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Inventory Management is one of our primary specialties.  Understanding the full life cycle of Inventory Management means having the knowledge necessary to integrate not only other software, but manage your inventory from start to finish.  Inventory Control is one of the leading areas of cost management for any business.  See what Phoenix Consultants Group can do for your Inventory systems today.

Manpower Workload Assessment System (Visual Basic / Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

When this well-known food and food products company, that has supplied America and the world for decades, approached Phoenix Consultants Group a second time and explained their need for a management system that would enable them to restructure a sales force of thousands of representatives, PCG immediately understood the serious workload capacities and manpower considerations required. In under 4 months, Phoenix Consultants Group delivered their outstanding Territory Realignment Application written in Visual Basic and SQL Server. Designed to function on-line or stand-alone, PCG developed this workforce assessment program using time-proven workload analysis and manpower capacity tools. The PCG program allowed this international company to expeditiously restructure their sales representatives, territories, and regions with the least disruption to their client delivery base of more than one-hundred-thousand.

Once again, Phoenix Consultants Group delivered a superior product requiring superior coding expertise. We're proud to have delivered On-Time and On-Budget to this leading food manufacturer for the second time.

Great Plains Inventory Management (Visual Basic / Microsoft Access / Microsoft Excel)

Designed and implemented a custom VB application to convert current stock numbers, vendor numbers, and other core system accounting numbers to a user format for the Great Plains Accounting Software.  Conversion routines were written in VB5 and access to convert the companies master file.

Art Gallery Management System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access / Outlook)

A premier art gallery requires a premier business management package, including modular items such as client and inventory management, a Masterpiece inventory tracking system, and business features specific to the gallery itself. By incorporating client contact and mailing list functionality, email management, and timely client notification alerts and reminders, Phoenix Consulting Group incorporated value-added suggestions into this client's Microsoft Access database to bring a masterful management tool for managing a gallery of masterpieces.

MSDS Automation System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access / Microsoft Excel / Outlook)

Our challenge in this project was the adaptation of database functionality to inventory tracking of chemical products sold by multiple chemical production and shipping companies.

PCG was approached by this client wanting a "turn-key" product to match, select and include the mandatory Material Data Safety Sheets. Components safety labels customization was required for shipping potentially hazardous materials.  It was designed to track the inventory of companies that ship chemical products around the US.  Each chemical must have a Material Data Saftey Sheet attached to it and a proper marker/sticker/sign that reflects how the chemical is to be eliminated or neutralized dependent upon the type of spill (ie; oil goes into a river, how do you fix it).  This database printed thermal labels to allow the company to produce the proper labels to affix to packages.  Additionally, location and inventory control of the stock levels of the chemicals was written into this database to facilitate location of all products at any given time to ensure compliance with OSHA.

Construction Estimator (Visual Basic / Microsoft Access)

One of Phoenix Consultants Group's own programs, written for the construction industry, is an integrated application containing a scheduling tool, inventory control systems, inventory cost analysis systems, and functionality for proposal creation, opportunity tracking, bid placement, estimate creation, accounts payable, accounts receivable, contact manager, and more.  This is designed to be a complete sub-contractor system capable of managing a business's entire process, from inventory control to project scheduling and completion.

Point of Sale (Visual Basic / SQL Server)

Phoenix Consultants Group developed a robust touch-screen solution to sell quality products on a Point of Sale system.  Our client, a sales and management company for various entertainment enterprises, desired an application capable of economically and expeditiously maintaining their commercial products distribution and sales figures, including alcoholic beverage sales and transport monitoring systems, within a reduced personnel environment.   PCG's enterprise solution was to develop their client's fully adaptive and flexible logistics management and sales interface to be used by individuals with rudimentary computer skills.

Based on and developed in Visual Basic 6 and SQL Server 2000, this robust application monitored and maintained inventory control, scheduling allocations, manpower assessments, profit margin reporting, and many other features enabling continued multi-million dollar enterprise management capability.

Drill Bit Inventory Tracking System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)


Completed Inventory control system for a drill bit manufacture and reseller.  System included extensive management of multiple offsite locations and inventory control of multiple offsite warehouses.  Tracking of sophisticated large drill bits and their specifications as well as alloys, coatings, usability statistics, hourly use, maintenance and other factors were monitored for sales as well as maintenance.

Inventory Control System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)


Management of the full inventory of a Police Training Academy complete with barcode tag scanning and monitoring for the presence of controlled property.  Property included furniture, computers, audio/visual equipment, podiums, etc.

Seal Manufacture Tracking System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

This system had 2 separate databases that synchronized into one central system. A quotation data was for sales individuals in the filed to provide for inputs and monitoring of actual running engines and injection molding and compression molding machinery.

Spec Requirement:

Create two separate programs with two separate databases: one for quotation data, and one for manufactured product data.  These databases will include an Injection Product table, a Compression Product table, an Injection Product data entry form, a Compression Product data entry form, the ability to query the two tables using the forms, perform automatic field calculations in the forms, cut and paste data between the forms and an excel spreadsheet, generate printable Access reports, and export data to Excel.

ERP (Visual Basic.NET / SQL Server)

This was a medical technology manufacturer that produced particle glass liquid chromatographic separation tubes for high-level analytics.  Our software was a custom ERP software package that allowed raw material tracking, inventory management, serial number controls as well as testing results.  The system was extremely technical and had dozens of spreadsheets that were utilized in massive calculation engines and in the tracking of not only the substances that were used to create the tubes, but in the spectral analysis results as well.  Reporting was extensive and provided storage and chain of custody management for samples, results, reports and individuals associated with each. Link below gives you more of a tech idea of what they were in some capacities.


Order Management Suite (Visual Basic.NET / SQL Server)

Client was a large scale ERP software package that allowed for Client management, Quotations, scheduling, raw material, inventory control, processing, security, shipping and costing for a flag manufacturer.  Various fabrics, finishes, substrates, sewing techniques, processes coatings and laminates were factored in as well as lead time, setup fees, art creation, special instruction and taxable rates per unit were created and managed in this software.

System Estimated Requirements:

The following estimate is for a custom Order Management System for Flag Crafters.

This software was written to perform the following functionality:

A) Quotation Management System:
Quote Management Screen (Add, Edit, Delete)
Email Quote to Client (POP3/SMTP)
Quote Search Screen (Search by Quote Number, Client Name, Date Range)
Quote Library to Duplicate Quotation from Old Quotation to New Job Quotation
Automated Creation of Order from a Quotation.

B) Order Entry Management:
Order Entry Data Management Screen (Add, Edit, Delete)
Order Entry Search Screen – (Search by Order #, Client Name, Date Range)
Order Entry Report (Job Instructions Sheet)
Total Orders by date range (Exports to Excel)

C) Customer Management:
Customer Address Demographics Data Management Screen
Alphabetic Customer Report (Exports to Excel)
Total Invoiced on Account per date range report (Exports to Excel)

D) Production Scheduling:
Production Machine Scheduling for All Equipment
Production Schedule Search Screen – (Search by Machine Name, Order #, Client Name, Date Range)
Daily Production Schedule Report

Website Catalog Inventory & Control (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

Phoenix Consultants created a website interface to allow for a system to be able to integrate an inhouse catalog of goods with external shipping ports.  Individuals could choose a variety of products that would have various finishes and wood textures and then see what was in the 'catalog' to purchase.

IronDoor (Microsoft Access)

This project consisted of writing a specialized program to track the order, manufacturing and placement of iron doors for customers based on criteria and to have a search capability form to allow for dicing the data in various forms.  Two types of customers were made available in the database: Builders (new construction and everybody else) and Remodel Customers.  All purchases could be tracked by type of customer and all remodels were grouped together with multiple contacts being able to be entered (at least 3).  Builders would need to have the ability to have a job foreman/designer assigned to the sale (but still under the builder name). Example: XYZ builder buys 10 doors in 2018, 4 are from Fred with XYZ, 6 are from Jeff and 4 are from Susie with XYZ.

There were 2 types of sales, “custom” or “stock” (doors):
• All doors needed to be tracked with info from drop-down boxes. Examples of info: Single, Double, Double with Transom, Single with Side Lights etc.
• Each door needed to further track the following: Finish, Size of Jamb, Fixed Glass, Opening Glass, Glass Patterns, Finish Color, etc (each door parameters / drop-down lists were supplied by Iron Door)
• All doors needed to be tracked by the address where the door is installed.
• We also needed to be able to add new criteria at any time.
• With stock, we needed to input the date it was purchased, along with all the criteria above. Then when the door sold, we needed the ability to move it from inventory to “sold” and have access to calculate how many days it took to sell.
• Once any door sells (stock or custom) we needed to be able to track and search who it sold to, housing development, part of town, where the lead came from, etc.

• Misc. Needs:
       o All data would be entered through forms.
       o Forms would have the ability to query the data where specified.

• Automation Requirements:
       o Access needed to be able to count the number of days a door took to sell.
       o The part of town auto-filled based on housing development name.
       o Items had drop-down lists where specified and applicable.
       o The drop-down menu list was put in tables with a form to access and update the info.

Inventory Mgmt System Upgrade

Access upsize to SQL Server / Scrubbing old data from the system that was causing crashing.

Financial Management / Inventory Control System

Created a reporting engine for major financial accounting software and inventory control systems for a networking equipment supplier.

Raw Material Manufacturing Tracking System

Raw Material handling project to produce inventory items and fulfill acquisitions of product.  The system provided for daily production runs as well as waste and reject reports.  System tracked daily production with calculations for raw material usage and projection analysis for future materiel requirements.

Mobile Home Manufacturing Inventory Sales System (Microsoft Access)

Contact management program designed to track buyers, contract types, sales individuals, insurance companies and various items associated with the selling of Mobile Homes.  Package included Reporting for profit and loss as well as current stock level reports and inventory control system.  Each home had features that were entered into the database for a robust search engine to allow for quick lookups of what was in stock for prospective buyers.


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