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Developing applications that have the ability to collect and then manage data seems on the surface a very simple task.  In reality, it is more complex than it sounds.  Managing millions of records or even hundreds of records can be a daunting task without the right data software system in place.  Data collection and data management systems require two components at a minimum in any quality design.

A front end user application is needed to allow for the input and user management of the data so that it is collected and passed to the database.  Also, a successful data collection and data management system requires a well-designed database in the right type of database server for data storage.  If both are not put in place to a high level of competency, the application will prove to be frustrating, costly and time consuming.

Additionally there is a significant amount of data collection from people in the field through PDA's, mobile phones and laptops that are disconnected and require a separate design to manage the data.  This means that security and synchronization become key elements of any application development process where alternative disconnected datasets exist.  And, as security has become critical with vulnerabilities being exposed more and more on the internet, an experienced and  focused development effort that manages this aspect of your data is vital.

At Phoenix Consultants Group, we have experienced database administrators who have been developing, delivering and maintaining data collection and data management applications since 1983.  At Phoenix Consultants Group, our in-house experience surpasses that of most of our competitors as our primary focus is on data collection and management.  We have developed and deployed data collection systems to web interfaces (smart clients), database and mobile applications for almost two decades.  We have the experience necessary to write software that meets and exceeds clients’ expectations and needs and we have extensive experience in the synchronization of databases, from data collection sourcing from different feeds and sources to delivering compact databases that are efficient and robust.

To learn more about the tools we use, please select one of our data tools below, or view our extensive Portfolio of completed projects.


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