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Before building your Access Database, we'll design it together by using a virtual "design model".

Why Design Using a Model?  Get it right the first time! Since you can review the design of your database from anywhere, at any time, you are in control of how it looks and can give me feedback during the design process.

What is a Design Model?

A design model is an Access Database with all the look and feel of a fully functioning database, just without the working code.  The design model is the visual representation of your desired database.  It has all the forms and reports, just no tables or code at this point. I'll send you a copy each time I make revisions. You can then open it up to review it and give me feedback the next time we talk.

It's Visual

Screenshots are worth 1000 words! Being visual it helps us all understand one another during the design of your Access Database. 

It's Faster

This design approach also shortens the overall development time because I use design model as a "blueprint" in the production of your database.

The Process 

Every few days we'll discuss the changes you need and I'll send you a new copy. This process continues until you are completely satisfied with the design. Then I will use the design as a guide in the production phase.  

You Set the Schedule

Projects are scheduled on a first come first serve basis, normally starting within a few days. Once you agree on a quoted price then you'll need to send in an initial deposit to start work on your design. I place projects on the schedule once I receive the initial deposit. 

No Travel Saves on Costs

Travel is optional. Since 1999 I have had over 300 clients in 38 states and in several countries - without having to go there! This is very efficient and keeps cost down.


At some point when you are completely happy with the design you will give it your final approval. To make sure you‘re happy with the proposed database, I'll document your approval of everything before I start the production phase of your database.

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