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Industrial Safety has to be PriorityOne to protect workers.  Phoenix has been actively programming industrial safety software for over 30 years.  Serious Industrial Safety requires solid understandings of what is required and software to manage training, monitoring and compliance.  

Documentation Management System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

Phoenix Consultants Group accomplished the design and development of a group of multi-user regulatory compliance databases, as well as the  ISO 9000 document management and control system for over 50,000 records and transactions, occurring among 25 remote users.

These databases housed all the information required for the chemical recipes utilized in making fuel additives.  Housing approximately 50 variable and changing recipes, documentation of handling procedures for the liquids included manufacturing techniques, appropriate fluid hazard compliance and regulatory policy monitoring had to be up to date, Full review cycle status functionality was integrated for direct access by supervisory and management personnel. 

PCG devised a document revision monitoring process, involving the tracking of up to 50,000 technical, scientific, regulatory, and report documents through their passage from editor to supervisor and then distribution to various department heads. Ultimately, the documents completed the cycle at the manager's desk, evaluated for scanning into the "document scanning capture system" and archived.

Included in the time, location, and point-of-review tracking, the database followed any and all revisions made to the document during its review, along with annotations on document status and utilization.

OSHA Training Monitor System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

Under constant and consistent OSHA regulation and compliance with the DEP's Clean Air Act, this multinational client required an OSHA  training management system designed to document, track, and record proper course verification, attendance by employees, and course completion. Reports of the employee training, updates, and progress was submitted to relevant government offices and organizational supervisory staff.  By comparing scheduled mandatory training sessions with tracked attendance records, all employees could be followed via reporting functionality. Any deficiency, or gap in any employee's, or groups of employees training and attendance was immediately "flagged, reported, and appropriately addressed.

In addition, training instructor credentials were investigated,  tracked as to their qualifications to teach, continuing education credits, and curriculum management class scheduling. The Phoenix Consultants Group application included mass mailing capability for announcements, scheduling, and sign--off sheets for attendance records.

This project was one of three required by this client. Please refer to the others to develop an understanding of PCG capabilities.

Maintenance Tracking System (Paradox 3.5)

This client, a leading electrical power generation and supply corporation delivers their electrical power to millions of companies and families on a daily basis.  As a leader in the Nuclear Power industry, our client is dedicated to the use and support of safe and effective nuclear power.  While preparing to perform preventative maintenance on one of their nuclear reactors, the client called Phoenix Consultants Group, asking us to develop a statistical analysis database to track the various groups required for reactor maintenance tasks.  PCG took considerable pride in rapidly analyzing and developing the required parameters and integration to bring preventative maintenance data into comprehensible reporting perspectives. Using our specialized data transfer and conversion applications, supervisory management delivered expedited project milestone reports to senior-level management, accelerating the project completion by several days. The accelerated schedule permitted the reactors to go "online" that much sooner, providing power to their clients.

Employee OSHA Training Database (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access / Microsoft Excel)

The stringent OSHA requirements throughout the electronics and other industries, requires ongoing documentation and updating of OSHA training for employees and staff. By developing a client and industry-specific employee training and documentation process and application, PCG was able to detail training specifics and updates for one of the largest and best-known manufactures of quality stereo equipment in the industry.

MSDS Automation System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access / Microsoft Excel / Outlook)

Our challenge in this project was the adaptation of database functionality to inventory tracking of chemical products sold by multiple chemical production and shipping companies.

PCG was approached by this client wanting a "turn-key" product to match, select, and include the mandatory Material Data Safety Sheets.  Components safety labels customization was required for shipping potentially hazardous materials.  It was designed to track the inventory of companies that ship chemical products around the US.  Each chemical must have a Material Data Saftey Sheet attached to it and a proper marker/sticker/sign that reflects how the chemical is to be eliminated or neutralized dependent upon the type of spill (ie; oil goes into a river, how do you fix it).  This database printed thermal labels to allow the company to produce the proper labels to affix to packages.  Additionally, location and inventory control of the stock levels of the chemicals was written into this database to facilitate the location of all products at any given time to ensure compliance with OSHA.

Marine Terminal Management System (Visual Basic / ASP / SQL Server / Microsoft Access / Microsoft Excel / Outlook)

Phoenix Consultants created and implemented their corporate-wide Marine Terminal Database System 2000 (MTDBA) for a previous client returning for advanced management and logistical help with their fleet of shipping tankers and freighters. By using an innovative incorporation of Visual Basic, MS Access, SQL Server, and ASP, we provided augmented ability to track and report objective risk assessment criteria, assisting with safety efforts and liability reduction within its shipping venues throughout the world.

Further into development, Phoenix developed a modularized Marine Terminal Survey Tracking and Implementation System (MTSTIS), using Access 97 to track and report onload/offload activity at this client's international oil shipping terminals.

Creating the international LAN-based network allowing 35 users simultaneous access to several customized Access databases located throughout the organization(s) was accomplished with the development of a straightforward and logical GUI, always considering its international application and usage. The GUI was customized to meet various national/international standards, while still accomplishing encoded calculation, weighting, and statistical analysis capability for the base application.

Continued enhancements and modifications were requested and performed during May 99-Jun 99.

The extensive database was driven by a 30-page MSAcess questionnaire, where our applications evaluated known values against input data, analyzing and projecting by weighted scales, which physical sites were at risk for an oil spill.  Worldwide data transmission was accomplished with a VB program attached to a SQL Server email module to transfer data results and projected risk throughout the world.  Users could update data through an Excel spreadsheet transmitted over the facilitator and imported at the end terminal; an Access database, also sent and imported; or using the web interface to directly modify their data.  The application was also designed to accommodate time differences between users, and scheduled data-sending to different off-site facilitators for analyses of risk assessment.

Functionality also enabled users to retrieve unscheduled data from a single site if situations warranted an off-schedule or emergency level evaluation and inspection. Facilitators could verify the correctness of the data received, input their comments and concerns, and offer assessments to determine corrective actions. Transmitted recommendations were evaluated to ensure that all the facilities were operating up to speed.  This program has been operational worldwide for 3 years.   PCG wrote the original program, and performed serial enhancements until this client upgraded and requested a full rewrite of the application to bring it up to Enterprise level application.

Still operational, the MTDBA and MTSTIS systems are currently monitoring every oil shipping port in the world, to ensure oil spill factors are mitigated prior to their becoming a catastrophic problem.

Pesticide Training License Software (SQL Server / Microsoft Access)

This software was created with an Access Database front end that hooked to a SQL Server database.  The purpose of the software was to track Pesticide distributors and technicians who were required to be licensed to manufacture, store or spray pesticide chemicals and the courses they were required to take as well as licenses being up to date.  The system generated licenses for those who passed the courses, class scheduling, rosters, grading, printed certifications, rejections, failures as well as lists of manufacturers that made or stored chemicals.  The system was designed to track all aspects of licensing individuals in the state who handled pesticides in any way shape or form.

Seal Manufacture Tracking System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

This system had 2 separate databases that synchronized into one central system. A quotation data was for sales individuals in the filed to provide for inputs and monitoring of actual running engines and injection molding and compression molding machinery.

Spec Requirement:

Create two separate programs with two separate databases: one for quotation data, and one for manufactured product data.  These databases will include an Injection Product table, a Compression Product table, an Injection Product data entry form, a Compression Product data entry form, the ability to query the two tables using the forms, perform automatic field calculations in the forms, cut and paste data between the forms and an excel spreadsheet, generate printable Access reports, and export data to Excel.

Raw Material Manufacturing Tracking System

Raw Material handling project to produce inventory items and fulfill acquisitions of product.  The system provided for daily production runs as well as waste and reject reports.  System tracked daily production with calculations for raw material usage and projection analysis for future materiel requirements. 


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