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Welcome to your resource for affordable and quality Microsoft Excel consulting. Excel is an excellent tool for many different applications and business needs. Our custom solutions will meet your exact needs and generally save considerable time and effort which can be applied to your business goals. Depending upon the application, even a simple Excel solution could save 10 hours a month or more - which quickly translates to thousands of dollars in annual savings. Additionally, you save valuable staff time expended on trying to learn how to create an Excel spreadsheet solution, which translates into even more savings and higher profitability. Phoenix can easily provide your firm with cost-effective Excel spreadsheets, reports, macros, automation, and more!

We offer the following MS Excel consulting services

  • Full Excel Application Development
  • Modification / Repair / Rewriting of Existing Excel Spreadsheets
  • Conversion of Excel Spreadsheets to MS Access Databases
  • Excel Macro Development / Conversion
  • Data Retrieval and Management
  • Export/ Import Excel Data to Other Formats

For over the past 15 years, Phoenix Consultants Group

has created hundreds of MS Excel applications for a wide range of clients:


Large Projects

Food Manufacturer - Managed reporting Excel spreadsheet calculation engine that produced daily, weekly, monthly, annual sales reports by district, region, zone, store, and salesperson. This complicated program automatically generated reports based on a daily schedule that compiled millions of lines of data into a usable reporting system for the entire sales force of Nabisco.

Oil Company - Calculated air permit statistics, through a compilation of thousands of data collection sensors, producing daily results into an Excel spreadsheet (using Excel Solver component) that converted into a manageable statistical base. This extensive system managed hundreds of thousands of statistics producing the necessary data for a successful Clean Air Act Environmental Protection Agency permit application.

Medical Management Firm - Created an Excel spreadsheet that tracked daily medical costs and billing information, retrieving data from multiple programs to provide projection analyses of insurance-related non-payment statistics.

Military - Produced a tracking system that processed daily mainframe data input to manage overseas shipments for procurement and supply depots.


Small Projects

Environmental Engineering Firm - Created an Excel spreadsheet application that tracked the removal of superfund toxic soil for remediation of property and proper disposal/cleanup and transportation.

Non-profit Service - Expenditure tracking system for board review of a small non-profit education facility serving the blind and visually impaired.


No job is too small or too large for our firm to design, develop, deliver and deploy.

Let Phoenix Consultants Group save your firm money by providing expert Excel spreadsheet development or conversion of your data in a time-effective manner. Contact us today to discuss your project at 609.926.0386 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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