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Phoenix Consultants Group provides expertise in many languages and technologies. Phoenix also has on staff expertise in business analysis, systems analysis and statistical analysis better enabling our staff to fully understand and provide a complete development team for any project. We offer complete coding solutions in the following language platforms:

Our Technology Expertise Includes:


Learning programming languages accurately takes time, practice and experience.  For Phoenix Consultants Group, we have been dillegent in keeping up with the current technologies as well as maintaining older languages to insure we can convert and maintain older systems.  Since the days of personal computers in the early 1980s, (Yes it really was that long ago when Allison Woolbert began programming) we have worked hard to be able to keep our language library updated and always moving forward for our clients.

Since 1983, Allison Woolbert has been programming and data mining databases.  Phoenix Consultants Group specializes in database systems - web sites and client / server technologies.  When you need an expert firm who can deliver, you can trust Phoenix Consultants Group to provide a solid, robust solution to any challenging project.

We would encourage you to checkout Our Portfolio to see the hundreds of projects we have completed!