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Phoenix Consultants Group continues to develop highly structured applications for many different business arenas. Planning and communication is the key to any project. At Phoenix, we strive to ensure that we have a complete understanding not only of your project, but the business requirements of your custom business software. 

One of the most important considerations that a business makes is who to hire for programming a custom software application or custom website.  Claiming to be a software developer does not make one a quality developer.  Companies must carefully review the developer based upon a proven Development Cycle Plan and the successful outcomes of previous projects.

Phoenix Consultants Group consistently follows through on a proven success plan.  The following development cycle has been defined and utilized by Phoenix Consultants Group with all of our successful clients. 

The process was designed by Allison Woolbert as a time saving simplified development cycle that enhances the ability for the Client and PCG to quickly and in the most efficient manner possible develop a custom software application.  Today, the software development cycle that was pioneered by PCG is in use in companies all over the world that develop software . Invariably, when companies deviate from the plan, and attempt to shortcut the process to save money, the project has delays, or the scope of the project is expanded with unknown results.

The publlished article Planning Before Panic - Crisis Management by our CEO, Allison Woolbert details out the dedicated effort that we provide for each of our projects, even when unexpected issues arise.  Guiding you with expert advices such as the Writing and Maintenance of Business Requirements enhances your ability to achieve your projects success..  Both articles display the effective plans that Phoenix Consultants Group utilizes in the development of your custom software application