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Here at PCG, we pride ourselves in helping you balance inventory, tracking, ordering and other burdensome, but essential, tasks by enhancing and supplementing your existing technology to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

Product Management Systems

Creation of a database to allow for accounting of specific types of products.  This system was converted from a DB2 system to Access for easy daily management of specialized reports.

Online Product Websites

This program was to provide for a website where individuals could see jewelry and request a viewing of said jewelry based upon moving a camera around to display the available jewelry.  Additionally, the program was to allow for a view of the microscope to see the actual closeup of the jewels in the fine jewelry.  System provided for camera panning to view the entire jewelry case.

Luthier Website

The website was designed for a luthier who specialized in making guitars.  The site included a sales portal for various components for guitars as well as jigs and fixtures used in the design and creation of custom instruments.

Photographic Live Retail System (Visual Basic.NET / SQL Server)

This extensive system was designed to allow for a photographer at a sporting competitive event to live capture high-resolution photographs of athletes, dancers and other types of fast-moving photographic objects, automatically upload, scale, proof and size photos for immediate sale on a custom touch screen Point of Sale system.  The System integrated 20 touch screen sales portals that allowed a user to view their specific event and team and select and purchase unlimited amounts of photographs and sizes of photographs for on-demand on the spot printing.  Phoenix produced all aspects of the project to include portable servers, transportable carrying units for the point of sale terminals, wiring diagrams, networking, engineering and transmittal receivers for camera photo transmissions.  We also interfaced with multiple laptops that were coordinating data to the supervisors and the point of sale teams to ensure that high-quality prints were available minutes after an event/routine had occurred.  

The system was broken into 4 components - Centralized Server Data Management, Touch Screen Photo Review Point of Sale, Camera Transmission Stations, Supervisor Review Stations.

Point of Sale (Visual Basic / SQL Server)

Phoenix Consultants Group developed a robust touch-screen solution to sell quality products on a Point of Sale system.  Our client, a sales and management company for various entertainment enterprises, desired an application capable of economically and expeditiously maintaining their commercial product distribution and sales figures, including alcoholic beverage sales and transport monitoring systems, within a reduced personnel environment.   PCG's enterprise solution was to develop their client's fully adaptive and flexible logistics management and sales interface to be used by individuals with rudimentary computer skills.

Based on and developed in Visual Basic 6 and SQL Server 2000, this robust application monitored and maintained inventory control, scheduling allocations, manpower assessments, profit margin reporting, and many other features enabling continued multi-million dollar enterprise management capability.

Auction Management System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

Recording, tracking, and documenting calculations for the computation of sales, interest rate accrual, profit margins, and auction details for this leading auction broker of million-dollar heavy construction equipment required the integration of detailed computational capability, account projections, interest accrual, and logistical tracking of equipment sales and delivery throughout a wide range of geographic locations and compatibilities.

With its extensive experience in MS Access, PCG was able to distribute their application to a central location in California,  its client's satellite offices throughout the Western United States and Canada, successfully integrating communications and tracking capabilities at all locations.

Drill Bit Inventory Management (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

Completed Inventory control system for a drill bit manufacture and reseller.  System included extensive management of multiple offsite locations and inventory control of multiple offsite warehouses.  Tracking of sophisticated large drill bits and their specifications as well as alloys, coatings, usability statistics, hourly use, maintenance and other factors were monitored for sales as well as maintenance.

Retail Website Development (ASP / Microsoft Access)

Our client's bait and fishing tackle shop is the largest Bass Pro fishing and tackle shop in Central New Jersey.  Operated by a professional bass pro tournament fisherman, who desired a website that would attract a targeted audience of bass fisherman, Phoenix Consultants Group generated the website and designed our client's display interface for thousands of offered products.

This challenging, but rewarding task utilizes ASP and HTML with a Microsoft Access database repository. Stop by Tom's Tackle shop, now a leader in web sales for custom-built, and professional-level Bass tackle.

Art Gallery Management System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access / Outlook)

A premier art gallery requires a premier business management package, including modular items such as client and inventory management, a Masterpiece inventory tracking system, and business features specific to the gallery itself. By incorporating client contact and mailing list functionality, email management, and timely client notification alerts and reminders, Phoenix Consulting Group incorporated value-added suggestions into this client's Microsoft Access database to bring a masterful management tool for managing a gallery of masterpieces.

Website Development (Visual Basic / Visual Basic for Applications / ASP / HTML / Microsoft Access)

PCG designed, created, and implemented the multiple system applications for Client Email Management (CEM) and National Sales Force Communications (NSFC).

Working in Microsoft Access, PCG's applications provided a unique system of management for continuous communications access within the corporation, and between the corporation and its remote clients. Together, these CEM  and NSFC projects and integration provided the necessary combinations of corporate-wide and individual communications and management to drive increases in sales productivity and time management efficiency.

Commission Projection Calculator (Microsoft Access)

Created a Commission projection calculator that provided for facility costs, agreement types, expense allowances, commissions, rebates and other factors required for calculating various commissions.  Imported data from an existing Excel sheet and converted it to a management tool in Access.