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Our Problem and Solution:

We currently have thousands of Microsoft Access Database that we've written since the 1990s. In each of the Access databases, we have a lot of various routines or Access Forms that we created to do all sorts of automated functions. From building a unique table to form creator with the automation of subforms that are linked with Master/Child fields to Query By Form creation engines, we have a lot of Forms and a lot of code we've written.

Sometimes our memory fails us as to what we wrote when and where that could be functional for re-use. We remember some project that seems familiar to what we need but can't locate the info easily.

This single form MS Access Database searches on your hard drive for any *mdb* in a specified path and searches Forms inside the Access database for a wildcard name such as "*qbf*" - It's written in simple and easy to use VBA that can be modified and reused. It is not error-proof and probably could do with some enhancements. However, we hope it can be a useful tool for you.

The Access DB will also store the database names and check them off as they process eliminating reruns and storing all the form names in the t_Files database table.

Things it will error on -

* Opening a form in design that has an active x control that isn't installed

* Access Databases that have a password on them.

* Error messages from opening the forms are turned off with DoCmd.Setwarnings False


The file that it is examining will be shown in the immediate window as will an Access Form name that has been found with the wildcard search.

Download the file by clicking on this link.



Please feel free to modify this as much as you like. Would be great if you gave Phoenix Consultants Group credit in your comments with the link above so others can find the code if needed.