Software Developers Do More than Just Write Your Program

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With the massive revolution that computer technology has brought on in today’s world, everything about the archaic and snail-speed processes of the earlier times is now being dumped for much faster and much simpler computer solutions.  And with these fast-paced developments comes the growing need for more professionals that will help implement complex technologies and solutions brought about by advancements in computer technology.  Thus, software developers are one of the most sought after professionals in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing technological world.

Software developers are professionals who are primarily concerned with virtually every facet of the software development process.  Their work involves researching, designing, implementing, and testing software; but they are also often involved in the more general aspects as well, which may involve working with graphic creators, content developers, and other professionals that will help in the final implementation of software solutions.

It is very true that modern software developers today don’t need to worry about several of the things their predecessors used to worry about.  Issues, such as coding to minimize RAM consumption, even though generally longer execution times are involved, are now a thing of the past.   Though these ancient skills have not been dumped entirely, they have, however, been combined with modern skills that reflect an even more challenging industry.  Software developers today are now tasked with an exceedingly wide range of responsibilities.  Much like modern architects, software developers work with all related professionals on a project ensuring that every member carries out the function expected for the final and successful implementation of a software solution to be achieved.

Modern software developers are expected to be highly organized, but nevertheless, flexible enough to accommodate any innovative change that will ensure greater excellence and increased efficiency.  The ability to learn and develop in sync with the fast-paced industry is also a vital trait that separates good software developers from average ones.  This is enlightening considering the enormous way in which the industry is changing and ushering in new developments.

For example, software developers will now have to learn extraneous concepts of asynchronous computing which is made necessary due to innovative cloud computing technologies that are currently the rave in the industry.  Today, even the simplest application will require asynchronous programming.  Software developers have to develop themselves quickly enough to provide innovative and more efficient solutions by understanding how distributed systems work as well as using extra knowledge and skills to provide more innovative solutions for clients.

The most successful software developers are no longer the best program or code writers

It is important to know these basics, but due to modern technologies, it is important for a software developer to further their skills so they are able to provide unique services that take advantage of untapped mediums.  These solutions set the standard in their own right.

Most importantly, today’s modern users are lazier but more aware and conscious than ever before.  Software developers are now tasked with finding solutions that will allow users to deploy and make use of their products in the most seamless way possible.  Issues like packaging, software running on older Operating System versions and connecting to various services, are now more applicable than ever before.

Checklist for Choosing a Quality Software Development Company

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The world of information technology is expanding at an unprecedented pace since the late Twentieth Century.  This has created a whole world of opportunities for businesses and technology professionals alike including a software development company. Software development is a critical part of these professions, and the impact on business processes, and profitability, has proven significant.

Many companies opt to outsource software development projects. Often due because of the lack of infrastructure to manage projects within their company; or, most often, they do not have the required expertise in-house. Getting the best software is important, and to do this you need the best software development company capable of producing the results your business requires.

What Should You Look for in a Software Development Company?

Different software companies specialize in different areas; they have their strengths as well as weaknesses. There are some key ingredients that make up a credible software development company. Developing technical project specifications by understanding the functional requirements of your business is the one quality every good software development company should possess and is critical to the success of your project. Before your developer come up with delivery dates and costs, they should be able to provide you with exactly what the software requirements encompasses, and how they can add more value through the software development process of your desired software package.

The expertise of personnel in a software development company is also a very necessary consideration, because some companies may specialize in specific areas. Check these areas of specialization to confirm they have the experience you require to help you develop the software you desire. A software development company with a broad range of services and expertise is a better choice, as they have the diverse knowledge required to manage projects flexibly with the greatest efficacy.

The technical expertise of a software development company is one of the most important considerations, as this goes a long way in determining the solutions the software developer can provide and how functional they will be. Expertise in various coding languages and software development programs is critical to a positive outcome of your project. This can be confirmed by reviewing past jobs completed by the company. Every good software development company should have that information available to prospective clients. Testimonials from other clients can also determine their efficiency.

Delivering on the promise of quality is important, but equally salient is delivering the project on schedule. After proper examination of specifications and meetings with the client, the company should be able to determine the completion date of a project, providing a timeline with clear milestones. For software development company to provide custom business solutions and functionality, there must be an appropriate and effective communication channels between the company and the client. This is necessary to know the preferences, requirements and targets of the client and develop a desired quality solution. A good software development company should have consistent platforms and modes of communication with clients.

A strong customer support program is also a key to the overall experience in software development outsourcing. Even though the field can be technical, a software development company should be able to look at things from the business’s perspective and understand what the clients need. They should be able to balance both the technical and business analysis in strategic development meetings.

So if you are looking for an experienced software development firm, here is what expertise that Phoenix Consultants Group can provide:

  • We have been an innovative and creative solution provider for over 18 years completing over 500 successful projects.  See our portfolio of some of our solutions.

  • 30 years of programming experience in multiple languages on multiple size projects.

  • Over 25 industries where our programs are currently being utilized on a daily basis.

  • One on One Customer Service – we provide extensive support to our clients during the software development process as well as during the training and after we have installed and delivered the custom software product.

  • We are a database expert company that can do start to finish database solutions.  We started working in databases since the infancy of personal databases in the early ’80s.

  • We provide expert analysis for every project we undertake.

  • We host our own database and web servers to provide our clients with first-rate service, as well as management of their products.

  • Programming in Microsoft Languages to ensure long term stability and capabilities for future migrations.  Our core development languages are in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, VB.NET, ASP.NET, and Visual Basic for Applications.

Planning Before Panic - Solid Project Management Strategies

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As everyone knows, crisis situations can, and do, occur on any project during any stage of development and/or at any time. "Planning before Panic" during a crisis is the key to keeping oneself motivated to continue and create a successful (and profitable) business outcome.

One of my recent examples was a project with, of course, an extremely tight deadline. Having been informed of a critical path system failure on beta testing, late on a Friday afternoon, I saw a "critical situation" developing. Because the nature of our business is dependent upon so many variables, this scenario can, and will, intermittently occur even with the best of planning. Having a Crisis Management Plan in place, allowed me to seize the opportunity to show my client what we could really do.

First step:

Convening the Action Team- Our team was immediately contacted and made aware that their full attention was priority number one at this time. We had a challenge that superseded all other work during its resolution.

Second step:

Fill the coffee pot night and day-More difficult than I ever thought!

Third step:

Guarantee the team that long sessions of meeting the deadline were at hand and complete confidence in delivering success was assured.

Our team(s) spent several days doing 20-hour work sessions; grabbing little available sleep, leading to another long day, and a little more sleep. Giving the project this type of total commitment led to the client's personal thanks and loyalty not only because of our expertise, but also our dedication and personal service. His professional satisfaction with the product led to an errorless, multi-state, 450 location corporate distribution!

The question is: How did we do it?

The simple steps below outline the management technique that worked for us during those long hours.

1. Identify, define and prioritize the immediate challenges to resolve One of the distinguishing marks of the good manager and corporate leader is the ability to identify, define and prioritize critical challenges to be resolved under crisis conditions. In our case, some of these were:

  • What software immediate functionality must run smoothly to accomplish my client's goals as quickly and accurately as possible?
  • What pieces of the software can wait for another revision and are not on the critical path for this release? E.g.: Do I need a particular color scheme, box functionality, search mode, additional code or software, or can certain pieces not be worried about right now?
  • We identify only those issues that required immediate, consecutive and/or concurrent resolution, prioritize them, and keep the focus and work effort balanced towards those best-defined issues. Record each challenge on a work-flow or project management flow sheet. This will keep the team organized and informed.

2. Identify the Solution(s)

  • Make important and accurate decisions for what we need to and can accomplish with each issue. Consider the realistic abilities, available time and resources of the staff. Always consider alternative plans or means to accomplish our solution(s). Will we need additional software or add-ons to current software versions in order to meet our needs? Will we have to bring in additional people to meet the deadline(s)? I remembered, "This may reduce any profit on the project, but I have made a long-lasting, positive investment in client relationships and my future reputation".
  • Plan how to meet the solution in the time frame(s) available, setting up a time table that is realistic, visible, accurate and available to everyone on the project.

3. Implement the solution(s)


  • Be sure each team member is clearly aware of their respective challenges and solutions.
  • Be sure to advise each team member of their timetable deadlines, clarifying as needed.
  • Deal with questions immediately, rather than wait until a later time. This minimizes costly repetitions, corrections, and time when deeper into a project. There will always be more specific questions/challenges which develop later, so this method has already relieved the pressure of "making it up as I go along".
  • Re-evaluate the manpower required to complete each solution. Occasionally, this becomes a real challenge as manpower, inevitably, is short, hours are long, and the deadline is fixed.
  • Periodically schedule team meetings to review accomplishments, goals and upcoming challenges.
  • Reassign projects and personnel as needed.

4. Capture My Client's Faith 

  • Develop a "Will Do" attitude and delivery approach within my team. This is a team effort, composed of cooperative, knowledgeable and capable individuals. Present a unified approach to my client.
  • The "Will Do" attitude proves to my client that my team is worthy of their trust. This does not mean I tell my clients "Will Do" on everything, even if he/she wants butterflies rolling across a green field and landing on the flower in the initial splash screen.
  • Openly and frequently discuss realistic, accurate and timely goals and requests with our clients throughout any crisis period. Having organized and accurate communications with clients, reassures them I have a secure handle on project challenges and goals at all times. Remember, doing this through all phases of any project promotes team confidence, willingness and organization.
  • Do not fall into the trap of promising unreasonable dates or specifications just to get a contract, and then overrun the project time frame or fail to deliver. This creates an environment of doubt, foreboding and resentment with the client and concerns them with the reliability of their product.

Always make every effort to make good on clients' deadlines. Even when it is a tough haul and the specifications have changed, do your best to properly set the clients' expectations as to product delivery dates and performance.

Innovative solutions, ongoing client communication, and a disciplined, well-constructed approach to crisis management will continue to set companies apart from the others that think "inside the box". When deadlines are tough, and "by the book" thinking only slows us down, always remember there are alternative ways to succeed at the same task. By developing a repertoire or portfolio, of challenges faced and met, we develop a faster, more accurate and successful means of actualizing our goals. These Crisis Management hints sets us apart in our competitive marketplace. Clients will return to us many times over as they gain confidence and our work assures credibility and reliability. By applying this plan to our daily management tasks, we learn to manage well during a crisis!

Custom Software Applications and Web Applications

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custom software application

At Phoenix Consultants Group we create custom software applications and web applications to address your most complex business processes and needs. When pre-programmed box software solutions are either insufficient or do not yet exist, our personalized software consulting services can guide you to the perfect software solution for your business needs.

Phoenix Consultants Group designs custom software solutions to automate lengthy and repetitive tasks by creating custom solutions for your data needs.  We create automated middleware programs that can save your company hundreds of hours by integrating your software into a single product solution OR by creating a new product to manage your data.  Whether you typically work in MS Excel, Microsoft Access or any number of programs, we can help you create a custom software solution that fits your business practices and enhances your businesses performance. By creating custom programs to automate repetitious employee tasks, streamline your data entry, or create reports to analyze your data, becoming our clients will benefit through the following ways:

Our custom software can:

  • Provide an exact solutions to your specifications and business process needs that aren’t being used by your competitor
  • Streamline your collection of data for single entry use
  • Give you the proper and correct data to allow you do get the information you need the first time
  • Automate your repetitive and time consuming tasks
  • Free up your employees to solver your complex business needs as well as increase your companies productivity
  • Integrate your organizations data and Database systems to keep your essential data up to date and relevant in today’s market
  • Create interfaces that your users can quickly integrate their skill sets into for your future growth.

Expertise in These Computer Programming Languages

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Phoenix Consultants Group provides expertise in many languages and technologies. Phoenix also has on staff expertise in business analysis, systems analysis and statistical analysis better enabling our staff to fully understand and provide a complete development team for any project. We offer complete coding solutions in the following language platforms:

Our Technology Expertise Includes:


  • Programming Languages: Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, SQL Server, Microsoft Access & Excel, ASP, Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, Java, PHP
  • Databases: MS SQL Server (6.5 -2019), OLEDB, ADO, ODBC, MS Access, MySQL
  • Internet/intranet: (D)HTML, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, protocols(TCP/IP, http, ftp, POP3, SMTP )
  • General tasks technologies: OLE/ActiveX, COM/DCOM/COM+
  • Software re-engineering: DOS, dBase, FoxPro, Paradox, Alpha, RM Cobol and many others
  • Hardware platforms: Microsoft Windows Desktops & Server

Learning programming languages accurately takes time, practice and experience.  For Phoenix Consultants Group, we have been dillegent in keeping up with the current technologies as well as maintaining older languages to insure we can convert and maintain older systems.  Since the days of personal computers in the early 1980s, (Yes it really was that long ago when Allison Woolbert began programming) we have worked hard to be able to keep our language library updated and always moving forward for our clients.

Since 1983, Allison Woolbert has been programming and data mining databases.  Phoenix Consultants Group specializes in database systems - web sites and client / server technologies.  When you need an expert firm who can deliver, you can trust Phoenix Consultants Group to provide a solid, robust solution to any challenging project.

We would encourage you to checkout Our Portfolio to see the hundreds of projects we have completed!







Structured Project Methodology - Consistent Quality Performance

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Leveraging our proven project methodology, Phoenix Consultants Group provides customers the best value from project planning through start-up.


Planning and Development

Phoenix Consultants Group Project Methodology is based on the concept of “plan to work and work to plan.” PCG works to achieve good communication with clients throughout all phases of a project, with an emphasis on gathering as much information as we can from the beginning about your process and how it relates to your business activity model. We strongly recommend interviewing all the groups and individuals that will be influenced by the result of our design efforts. This list typically includes end users, system operators, engineers, managers, IT personnel, and maintenance personnel. The better we understand your needs, the better prepared we are to successfully complete the project.

Design, Development and Testing
Once the necessary information has been gathered and documented into a detailed description (or Functional Specification for complex projects), Phoenix sets to work on the design and development. Documentation and extensive testing are an integral part of this phase to ensure that the design meets all your needs, as well as accounting for any unforeseen complications and/or conflicts.

Implementation and Support
Beta Evaluation Testing is the key to any project managed by Phoenix Consultants Group. During the BET stage, Phoenix invites the customer to our facility to participate in a simulation and validation of the software system before it is installed at the site. As a client, this is the first real opportunity to validate that Phoenix provided what was stated in the functional specification and reduces surprises onsite. Simulation saves time and money during start-up and ensures that your system will function effectively. We also use this opportunity to do some preliminary operator training and perform any “fine-tuning” prior to software delivery.

Once the system is tested, simulated and approved by the client, it is time to integrate the system onsite. Many factors can influence start-up, and this is where all the up-front information gathering, continuous documentation and exhaustive testing truly pays big dividends. Phoenix’s early preparation and prior testing procedures mitigate problems and eliminate costly, time-consuming system errors.

As a provider of professional services, we understand that our reputation must be earned. Once installed, Phoenix Consultants Group stands behind its work by offering warranty and customer support for 6 months as part of our contracts. All work performed by Phoenix Consultants Group is guaranteed to meet the needs outlined in the original project scope and detailed description.

Advantages of a Professional Software Development Company

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The rapid rate at which businesses are transforming their operational structures in order to cater to their ever-expanding online clients is almost unbelievable.  And with rapid and unrelenting technological development across industries, businesses are finding it very hard to keep pace, which has made outsourcing an important part of any business organization that seeks to maximize the full benefits of internet and computer technology.  However, just as technological development is driving businesses to seek web solutions from outside their organizations, web solution providers are also multiplying every day, a situation which is putting businesses through the dilemma of securing the services of the right web solution and software development company.  But like every other complex situation, smart businesses have now recognized that the only way to get it right with software solution providers is to only go for the truly professional firms with solid years of experience behind them.  One of the major ways of identifying a very reliable software development company is to look for companies that have a solid background in the technology field and a recognizable performance history.

Phoenix Consultants Group is a software development company that completely specializes in creating data-driven software applications and websites.   Phoenix offers unique custom software products that will deliver the tools necessary for business organizations to make better-informed decisions, and manage their most important information and data.

Phoenix Consultant Group offers an expanded team of professionals that are recognized in the industry, and are aware of the most current technology and scientific researches that will set the pace in the nearest future.

What Can I Get Out of a Custom Software Package?

One of the major benefits of outsourcing your software needs is that services like Phoenix Consultant Group will be able to provide your business with customized services that will take into account the most unique challenges and opportunities for your business, in order to create a completely personalized solution that would immediately address the short and long term business objectives of your organization.

Besides this, companies like Phoenix Consultants will offer a completely affordable range of services that will be incomparable to any in-house software developer that may be hired.  One key advantage is the fact that Phoenix Consultants can deliver the most specialized custom software solutions in the shortest possible time, while ensuring that its service is guaranteed to meet different organizations’ business requirements.

Phoenix Consultant Group is a professional company that follows the most professional standards in current software development cycles, providing clients with solutions to their most pressing software challenges.  The company also offers expanded services that will aid business organizations in the wider online community and social media space.

What is unique about the services Phoenix provides is that every client is provided a completely different and unique, robust and professional software solution that can hardly be found within the expanded circle of the technological industry.  Moreover, all services are provided at the most reasonable cost to its numerous clients.

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