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Small Businesses have specialized needs and tight budgets. At PCG, we recognize that you need expert software development that is concise, affordable and quickly deployed so that you can run your business efficiently.  We have over 25 years experience working with small businesses to enhance their productivity and profits.

Construction Estimator (Visual Basic / Microsoft Access)

On of Phoenix Consultants Group's own programs, written for the construction industry, is an integrated application containing a scheduling tool, inventory control systems, inventory cost analysis systems, and functionality for proposal creation, opportunity tracking, bid placement, estimate creation, accounts payable, accounts receivable, contact manager, and more.  This is designed to be a complete sub-contractor system capable of managing a business's entire process, from inventory control to project scheduling and completion.

Internet Filtering Application (Visual Basic / ASP / SQL Server / Microsoft Access)

Industrial network security against virus and competitor infiltration led this client to Phoenix Consultants Group, seeking a secure filtered web browser that would allow their employees internet access and still protect this customized embroidery client's own networks.  PCG developed the Lightning Internet Browser to work with Internet Explorer Client, and restrict employee internet site access to known, trusted, and/or secure sites during the workday. The reduction of invasive incidents and viral infiltration increased the productivity of the business by facilitating ease of net access under a secured network environment.

Phoenix developed this unique web browser utilizing an offsite SQL Server to host the secure sites that users could visit and additionally allowed an administrative module to be utilized to provide secure email to company individuals requiring contact with their many different vendors.

Packing and Crating Delivery System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access / Microsoft Excel)

Developing and creating database-driven software applications is a Phoenix Consultants Group specialty. When this client required a calculations and tracking module to calculate and monitor board-feet usage for customized shipping crate construction, PCG nailed it down. By integrating pricing components such as manhour consumption, extra materials (reinforcement; packing cushions; etc), with labor and hardware costs, we developed a multifunction calculations program on an MSAccess platform.

Banana Labor Force Tracker (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

Rising to the challenge put forth by one of "down-under's" large banana plantations to develop their detailed management program, Phoenix Consultants Group designed, created, and successfully integrated their client-specific Labor Force Monitoring and Tracking System, enabling this banana business to increase their production 30% in the first 3 months following incorporation of the PCG-designed program.

Our "Aussie application," written in Microsoft Access, allowed tracking of days worked according to employee, total employee days worked, overtime accumulation and tracking, benefits documentation, and other local management components were basic to the successful management functionality for this large scale grower-supplier. PCG's development of enhanced international shipment transport, tracking, and receipt tools, working in conjunction with incorporated lost or damaged product accountability documentation, lead to the rapid success of this all-purpose application.

AccessFreak Website (Visual Basic / ASP / SQL Server)

Since 1997, Phoenix Consultants Group has developed websites and applications to harness the power of the "net". Developing the web application to manage hundreds of Microsoft Access Developers was, and continues to be, a real challenge.  When PCG acquired the "Ms. Access Freak" (MAF) site in 1999,  we rewrote the entire MAF website in order to facilitate ease of utilization by developers in search of MS Access information. PCG has achieved its main goal for the MAF site, and we proudly continue to supervise and maintain the longest-running Access Help Database on the internet.

This robust web application, written in HTML and ASP,  processes over 20,000 hits per day on the SQL Server database. We are consistently searching and locating the collection of helpful tips and programming information sought by Microsoft Access developers. Being completely database-driven, the site allows us to quickly view information, write articles for the developer community, and help our users find the answers to inquiries, enabling them to complete their projects "on time" and "on budget."

Extractible Raima Data Conversion (Visual Basic.NET)

RAIMA data conversion of law enforcement data from pre-PC computer days (circa 1980)

Smartshop Data Viewer (Microsoft Access)

Search and View of Smartshop Historical company records

Enterprise Tracker Suite (Visual Basic.NET / SQL Server)

Complete Manufacture tracking and invoicing system.  Provided complete solution for beginning a print house job to shipping via automated UPS/FED Ex components and automated invoicing utilizing Quickbooks.  Automated Touchscreen and Barcode scanning inclusive of full production floor statistical tracking.

Fulfillment Order System (Visual Basic.NET / MSDE)

Complete point to point fulfillment order management system.  Included Order receipt via a web site, processing the order counts, maintaining inventory level counts, automated UPS/FED Ex, automated report transmittal to clients via email and Excel reporting, automated Quickbooks invoicing and accounting.

Broadcast Monitor System (Visual Basic 6 / Microsoft Access)

Broadcast Tracking Software written to monitor television shows on a routine basis for research and reporting.  The system was created to evaluate which stations played what kind of programs that were politically monitored.  The system additionally would provide statistics as to what programs were effective with viewers, viewership numbers and ROI per program.

Historical Society Website (HTML / ASP / SQL Server)

When the remaining citizens of The Last Ghost Town in the United States desired a central repository to allow their heritage to continue after almost all of the houses and residents were removed during the 1980's Arizona mining collapse, it was the Phoenix Consultants Group that developed their community website, and partnered with the remaining residents in their transition and reintroduction to old friends and old memories of a time left behind.

The website is designed around a SQL Server database that dynamically keeps track of articles, community forums, and various tasks at hand, including The General Store, a location for members to purchase and sell Last Ghost Town Memorabilia.  PCG was delighted and proud of its contribution to this wonderful community of people.

BVIBridge Network Website (Visual Basic / ASP / SQL Server)

Supporting the Blind and Visually Impaired is a commitment that Phoenix Consultants Group takes very seriously.  When a group of folks looking to explore and parent children in a less than accommodating world, approached Phoenix Consultants to develop a  website that is friendly to the blind community,  we employed interactive speech capabilities, enabling the blind and visually impaired to share hope, strength, and wisdom on our Parental site.

Phoenix proudly wrote the website in one week, and produced the ASP, SQL Server web application to ensure the support for blind and/or visually impaired parents with the awesome task of raising children.

Newsletter Management (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

Program managed the family members, annual subscription membership payments to the organization and details of children who had been murdered.  The system was designed for a group that provided support as well as advocacy work concerning the murder of individuals.  Membership dues, address information, details of those lost are included in the database including a general accounting system and reporting system.

TaxxTracker (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

Tax calculations, escrow account management, and tracking, monitoring and calendar/reminder functionality requirements by this large, Texas, property management company was an opportunity for Phoenix Consultants Group to help their client facilitate quality property purchases for many years. PCG developed the TaxTrakker application to monitor, assess, and manage secure escrow accounts and transactions, ensuring proper and prompt payments.

Developed in under 30 days, our client still enjoys a fully functional, integrated Access database that performs precision reporting on an easy-to-use graphic interface.

Drill Bit Inventory Management (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

Completed Inventory control system for a drill bit manufacture and reseller.  System included extensive management of multiple offsite locations and inventory control of multiple offsite warehouses.  Tracking of sophisticated large drill bits and their specifications as well as alloys, coatings, usability statistics, hourly use, maintenance and other factors were monitored for sales as well as maintenance.

Retail Website Development (ASP / Microsoft Access)

Our client's bait and fishing tackle shop is the largest Bass Pro fishing and tackle shop in Central New Jersey.  Operated by a professional bass pro tournament fisherman, who desired a website that would attract a targeted audience of bass fisherman, Phoenix Consultants Group generated the website and designed our client's display interface for thousands of offered products.

This challenging, but rewarding task utilizes ASP and HTML with a Microsoft Access database repository. Stop by Tom's Tackle shop, now a leader in web sales for custom-built, and professional-level Bass tackle.

Website Development (Visual Basic / Visual Basic for Applications / ASP/ HTML / Microsoft Access)

PCG designed, created, and implemented the multiple system applications for Client Email Management (CEM) and National Sales Force Communications (NSFC).

Working in Microsoft Access, PCG's applications provided a unique system of management for continuous communications access within the corporation, and between the corporation and its remote clients. Together, these CEM  and NSFC projects and integration provided the necessary combinations of corporate-wide and individual communications and management to drive increases in sales productivity and time management efficiency.

Art Gallery Management System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access / Outlook)

A premier art gallery requires a premier business management package, including modular items such as client and inventory management, a Masterpiece inventory tracking system, and business features specific to the gallery itself. By incorporating client contact and mailing list functionality, email management, and timely client notification alerts and reminders, Phoenix Consulting Group incorporated value-added suggestions into this client's Microsoft Access database to bring a masterful management tool for managing a gallery of masterpieces.

Student Business Training System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

This training software was designed to provide students with a real-world experience of running their own point of sale business.  Designed specifically for hands-on-training of students, this database encompassed a complete point of sale system.

Custom Cookbook (Visual Basic / Microsoft Access)

This client, a database development firm, approached PCG to rewrite their proprietary meal planning and cookbook software in Visual Basic and MSAccess. Their goal was to develop a marketable product to be sold by organizations, such as high schools, scouts, etc., who were looking for fund-raising project ideas.

Our turnkey software solution provided a compilation engine capable of recipe development and storage, recipe card printing capability, virtual meal-planning for up to one week, and the unique ability to develop a shopping list to coordinate with that week's menu.

With the successful rewrite completed, Phoenix Consultants Group created the client's retail website for product sales. The site design and development program included color schemes, banner considerations, and regular Point of Sale coding.

Value Play Calculation Site (Visual Basic 6 / Microsoft Access)

Turnkey product concerning the financing of rental properties, ROI calculations and extensive formula based Excel product conversion.

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