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Software development has become a lot more popular than it was some years back.  Different solutions can now be provided through custom software and pre-made software applications.  This has also resulted in the springing up of several software development companies.  At Phoenix Consultants Group, we pride ourselves as being one of the best software developers.  Our software solutions are strategically designed and intended to adequately meet the business solutions for which they were created.  One unique way of identifying the right software developer is by thoroughly going through its processes and cycles. Phoenix Consultant Group has designed a software development cycle that involves every client on a level that provides a detailed view of what is to come once they decide to work with us.

The Software Development Cycle Laid Out

First of all, the concept of the project must be introduced.  This may depend on the solution the software intends to provide and the experience of the client.  In cases where a client is not fully knowledgable, you do not need to worry because Phoenix Consultants Group is one of the most experienced software development companies with an impressive and wide customer base from different businesses and sectors.  The clients can either bring up their concepts or have Phoenix Consultants Group do that for them.

With the concepts in place agreed by both parties, there will be a deliberate and articulate planning process to document the project scope.  This is then followed by a more detailed project plan that brings out every element or factor needed for the actual software development.  Also during at this stage is a meeting between the client review team and Phoenix Consultant Group to provide an understanding of what is being done and gain approval.  This is to always ensure that we keep the client aware of any and all development needs so that the right software solutions are delivered and demands are satisfied.  If changes or modifications are required, they are taken seriously and we swing into swift action to apply them as soon as possible.  Even after corrections and modifications are made, we still ensure that the client understands and approves them before proper work and testing begins.

After an agreement is made between the client and Phoenix Consultants Group, technical specifications are drawn out for the project.  We use some of the best equipment and have some of the most efficient collections of software development tools and applications.  The main job of programming and development comes up right after the technical specifications have been drawn out.  This is where the main crux of the software development cycle occurs.  However, this process is made even simpler by the detailed steps outlined above.  One aspect where most software developers fail is in the testing of the final product.  We pay attention to this step just as we do other steps of the software development cycle.  We put our developed software through beta testing and ensure that every feature functions perfectly before the final product is delivered to the client.

Our software development cycle was designed to provide a fast and effective way of ensuring that tasks are completed and involve the client as much as possible throughout the process.  Furthermore, Phoenix Consultant Group ensures that every crucial step is taken and that the details are laid out clearly and understandably so that both parties know where the project lies at all times.

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