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PCG wants to get you where you need to go. Let us expand your technology to manage, track and control your transportation related services.

Freight Carrier Management System

Built an online tracking system that manages freight carriers, contracts and agents that were handling freight across multiple states.

Shipping Container Tracking System

Creation of a tracking Access database that managed the shipping of cargo from ships to delivery to the purchaser through the Port of Newark, NJ.  System tracked drivers, freight, contents and manifests of shipping containers delivered.

Limo Website Management (PHP / MySQL)

The new site shows the global aspect of Commonwealth Limo not just as a transportation company, but as a top global service company. The site is accessible and easy to move from information to booking. (A potential booker or new company can move from the Home Page to booking in one step.) Reservations will be a third party link. The reservation box must show up on every page up top. The site needed a client portal, but this was also third party based. A link is provided to hook to third party software for clients.  Testimonials appear throughout the entire site. Time/temperature for each location that is being searched and global imagery for each is addressed by the graphics with a methodology for assigning locations to photos.

Auction Management System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

Recording, tracking, and documenting calculations for the computation of sales, interest rate accrual, profit margins, and auction details for this leading auction broker of million-dollar heavy construction equipment required the integration of detailed computational capability, account projections, interest accrual, and logistical tracking of equipment sales and delivery throughout a wide range of geographic locations and compatibilities.

With its extensive experience in MS Access, PCG was able to distribute their application to a central location in California,  its client's satellite offices throughout the Western United States and Canada, successfully integrating communications and tracking capabilities at all locations.

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