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Form Design is one of the most critical elements in designing custom software. Improper layout of a form can cost hours of unproductive work for your staff.  With 25 years of experience designing quality human interface forms, Phoenix Consultants Group knows exactly how to design a form to create the most efficient management of your data including streamlining the input process. Laying out the data on a form takes special consideration of the kind of form being utilized. In many cases, Phoenix creates a form that shows primary data with sub-forms that allow for easy management of large data quantities.

Experience is critical when it comes down to making user flow designed forms.   Even one field out of order can cost you time and money leading to further frustration of your workers.  Phoenix Consultants Group has designed thousands of forms, so we know exactly how to lay out data in the most productive methodologies. After consulting with your staff on existing processes, we work with you to determine optimum functionality and design to allow your workers to complete the job quickly and efficiently. 

To give you an idea of our productive expertise, here are some types of forms we have designed over the years:

Features to look for in well designed forms :

We guide you through determining what features will provide optimum efficiency for both data entry and retrieval