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Our HistoryCropped Allison

In 1983, Allison Woolbert began programming for the United States Air Force as a statistical data analyst.  As a pioneer in the newly developing personal PC arena, Allison produced applications that tracked statistics and managed a fleet of 28 highly sophisticated aircraft.  Over time, Allison has developed hundreds of applications for small business, non-profits, fortune 500 corporations, law enforcement and the military.  Utilizing her extensive experience and knowledge of database architectures, systems and business analysis, project management and program creation, Allison has excelled at producing custom software applications for over 25 years.

 In 1995, after working for many large and small firms, Allison began Phoenix Consultants Group that provides specialized custom software applications.  Today, Phoenix Consultants Group has produced over 500 software applications that manage some of the worlds most important data. 


Our Strategy In Working With Your Business

While all software companies have tech expertise, that is only one small piece of the bigger picture.  In order to truly partner with your organization, a software developer needs to have a comprehensive understanding of your mission, your goals and your business processes.  When we first engage with our clients, we invest in your business in learning what drives them, what makes them unique and what management styles you employ for success.  As we build upon that knowledge transfer, we can engage our skill sets as well as our ever-growing knowledge base to propose distinct strategies for building your software, websites and services that match to your short and long term organizational goals.  We make it a priority to revisit your goals and ensure we are on the right path as we develop your software.

Partnering with you, Not just Working for you

Technology plays an ever increasing roll in organizational management (efficuency?.  We understand how difficult it is for software projects to be managed internally.  At the same time, there is a reluctance to engage an outside company that might not share the same values or have the same considerations for your company goals and purposes.  At Phoenix Consultants Group, we become more than just another outside vendor – we build our relationships with you as partners in your endeavors to make your business more successful. We want to act as an extension of your company, partnering to insure that your software initiatives and goals are met.


Custom software development is a collaborative process with our clients.  We start by working with you to get an understanding of your business needs, design and streamline your interfaces and processes to create optimal software for your use.  Once we begin the programming of your project, we share the progress, demos, screen designs and process flows with you at regular intervals.    Your feedback is incorporated to bring you the most robust and efficient product to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.


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We are committed to your business success!

Custom computer software development doesn’t have to be a daunting task.  At Phoenix Consultants Group, we’re dedicated to providing you with the custom software solutions that will make your business work for you while minimizing cost and time.  We understand that time is money and we want to help you streamline your custom software to drive your business forward.


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